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Koi Mil Gaya

I am in love.

I want to spend my entire life with him.
Maybe get married to him.

Him and nobody else.

I don’t want to make compromises.
I know I deserve the best.
He IS the best.


A vampire.

The heroic monster in Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series.

Did I scare you?
Well, can’t say I’m kidding.

Why would I?

He’s cute and handsome.
He never gets angry with her, whatever her action or emotion.
He is extremely romantic, I get goosebumps even as I imagine his actions...
He is so caring, it makes me cry with love and pleasure.
He is ALWAYS there for her.
He can be possessive and short-tempered, but he is very sensible and trusting.
He loves his partner like crazy and doesn’t even LOOK at other females, be they pretty or sexy.
He gives you those lovely jitters the way he loves and speaks and looks at Bella.
He’ understanding and patient.
He is polite in the most challenging situations and he’s always brave in times of crisis.
He is well-behaved, witty and jolly.
He pampers his lover and makes her feel complet…

The Divine Crossing

As much as I love talking about myself, people, relationships, movies, TV shows (and a host of other topics), I can't deny that a good blog, an interesting blog deals with a wider variety of subjects and themes. Of course, there are people who argue that one blog should have one single theme.

Whatever... I've written too much about love and heartbreak in the past 2 weeks, and I'm feeling guilty about not giving you guys more chow to chew on...

So, this time round, I'm gona write one of my favorite bhajans :-)

Yeah, you heard right. I love devotional songs, especially when my mum sings them melodiously and sincerely... And I sing them myself, too. Not as well, for sure, but certainly with dedication.

This one particular bhajan was originally sung by the adorable Anup Jalota. It's called "Jaana Tha Ganga Paar". It tells a story in the Ramayana, when Shri Ram, Seeta and Lakshman reach the Ganges and want to cross it with the assistance of the boatman Kevat.

Let m…

Uff Ye Utopia

Sadiyon se kitni tanha rahi hun... Ishq tera bhool gayi hun...

At times, Bridget Jones ceases to be a fictional character.

I often meet women who seem a perfect twin of this character created by Helen Fielding.

Sometimes I think it’s me.

Being a spinster at 25 is a dilemma. You don’t know whether to rejoice coz you’re enjoying your freedom and boosting your career and hanging out with friends with no restrictions and blah and blah. Or to be sad coz you aren’t married like the rest of your troop and producing babies as you cook for your husband and experience other fringe benefits of conjugal life.

I mean I had this friend in college who got married in the last year of graduation and came to give her final exam with sindoor in her hair and a mangalsutra on her neck. As she keeps uploading snaps of her baby (now about 2 years old), I can’t help feeling awkward when I realize she is my age. For that matter, even my sister-in-law is barely a year older to me, and she was married 2.5 years ago.

Men's Rules


Did you know that today is celebrated as International Men's Day?!!
Best wishes gentle (and not so gentle) men!!

This post comes out to all you poor males who are sick of handling your women and bugged of their zillion complaints.

(Hardly an exception, is there?!!)

I agree, ladies are just TOO complicated!!

(Though I gave you some fine tips in The Secret. Hope you've used and benefitted from them.)

We always hear "the rules" from the female side. How men always do the wrong things, and fail to fulfil basic expectations...

Now here are the rules from the male side. A forward that I recently received (from an unknown man, who I requested to remove me from his forwards mailing list; but I'm glad he sent me this one!!)

These are the rules...
All numbered "1" ON PURPOSE! ;-)

1. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

1. Crying is blackmail.

1. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one:
Subtle hints do not work!
Strong hin…


A new disease that deserves a mention in the medical and personality nomenclature...

Hitting the youth with increased vigor.

The deadly, the ugly... SNOB-ITIS.

I hate snobs. What do they think of themselves? That they’re one in a million? Of course they are. Just like everybody else… Or one in 1.15 billion, to be more precise (that’s 1,150,000,000… fantastic, eh?)

My office has more than its fair share of snobs. People throw attitude as if they were born monarchs and happen to be here just because of some cruel joke that destiny played on them. Crazy folks strutting around glancing at others out of the corner of their eyes with a silly, insulting smirk on their ugly lips… What’s to be gained by looking down on everybody around?

I seriously don’t understand. I myself am pretty outgoing (though I don’t talk half as much as most people I know) and I make sure I talk to anybody and everybody, regardless of age, gender, caste or whatever. I think it my duty to be nice to new joinees or those wh…

Happy Children's Day!!

And Happy B'day Chacha Nehru :-)

A cat crosses my path every day.

(Just remembered a stupid joke I received the other day – what does it mean when a cat crosses your path when you are going somewhere?....

… It means the cat is also going somewhere.

Tee hee hee. Very funny. Thanks for nothing, Ameya.)

Well, I’m not superstitious really. But you know how it is. Such things tend to stay with you and you think of them even if you actually don’t believe in them. Which is why each time I see a cat that crosses my path, my heart gives a lurch. And I ponder for a second, will it be me who crosses that crossed line first? Shall I wait till somebody else passes?

Of course, now that it happens daily without fail, and obviously something bad does not happen to me every single day (now that would be so horrendous and unfair!), I hardly spare a thought. Yet, it’s irritating. Say, a guy crashed his bike on a pillar last week as I was riding to work. Maybe the cat DIDN’T cross his path…

There are these …

No Demand, No Complaint

I’ve found the mantra for a peaceful and cheerful life – no demands, no complaints.

Guess where I stumbled upon this wisdom? In Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

I sincerely think I should stop getting excited about Bollywood movies and expecting too much from them. I manage to get disappointed when people around me find the movie “good”, “nice”, even “wonderful”.

I mean anybody would think that the brilliant Rajkumar Santoshi, with movies like Andaz Apna Apna, Damini, Ghayal, Ghatak and China Gate behind him, would come up with something extraordinary. What he’s whipped up this time falls short of spectacular by just about a 100 light years.

The music certainly is good; I’ve been humming “prem ki naiya hai Raam ke bharose, apni bhi naiya ko paar tu laga de” and “tera hona lage hoon, jab se mila hoon” all day… But, is that enough? The plot is really stale and it is only the beautiful Katz and adorable Ranz (whatever) that make the movie watch-worthy.

Interested in the story anyway? OK. Ranbir is…

Too (Bad) Timing

I can’t see my mother cry.
One, coz my eyes are full of tears.
Two, coz she’s an adorable sweetheart and the people who trouble her are jerks.

It’s ludicrous how people don’t realize and appreciate that others are going out of their way to do something for them. They believe it is their right, their privilege. They think they’re entitled to being treated well. And it’s SO infuriating!! Seriously man, such people need to be taught how to be thankful and gracious.

I feel very bad for mum. I wonder what she’ll do when she has nobody to stand up for her when I get married and move away. In the last 10 years, she sure has outgrown her timid nature, but she still acts like a helpless baby when times are tough. And I end up protecting her. No wonder I’m so blunt and fair all the time. My reputation reeks!

As if I care…

People who know me understand me and my actions. Without explanation and justification.

The rest won’t get it anyway. So why bother?!

(As if I haven't said that before...)


Yours Un-Emotionally

Nanak aaya, Guru Nanak aaya...

I used to go to the gurudwara every year on this day... Haven't done that in the last 2 years; had a split with a Sikh friend...

Anyway, wish you all a belated Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti...

Cheers, buddies! Mum's back! Yippeeeeee... And double cheers coz India lost the match yesterday. I knew Australia would kill it. Not that I ain't patriotic, it's just that I don't have much faith in our Indian cricket team. Don't blame me : half the people I know agree with my viewpoint.

Awrite time out. Don't be wild at me just coz we may not think alike.

So, I told you about this essay I had to do for NYU Stern. Not an essay exactly; anything to describe yourself creatively. I can’t believe how many people this essay has made me hostile towards…

I mean, seriously!

Now, I’m not the absolutely creative and funky types who can come up with something grandiose and out of this world. I think reasonable and I plan practical. When I read this essay topic…