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Bring Me To Life

How can you see into my eyes like open doors?
Leading you down into my core where I've become so numb
Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold
Until you find it there and lead it back home.

Wake me up, Wake me up inside
I can't wake up, Wake me up inside
Save me, Call my name and save me from the dark...

Wake me up, Bid my blood to run
I can't wake up, Before I come undone
Save me, Save me from the nothing I've become...
In case you haven't guessed, these are the lyrics of the song "Bring me to Life" by Evanescence. Lovely song, extremely passionate and rhythmic. Got a lot of fresh tracks added to my cell-fone, so spend a lot of time listening to Jay Sean, Akon, Atif Aslam and others.
You know, my life is pretty exciting, but being a moderately social and quite organized individual, there are few things that I can share apart from non-stop highs and lows in my relationships, movies and parties that I've been to, and other trivia stuff that I come across…

Wedding Traditions Around the World

Here are some cute wedding traditions from around the world. Found them on the web... Enjoy!
GERMANY : Stealing the Bride
At her wedding reception, the bride is stolen by the best man, who then carries her away to a local pub. The groom has to search for them and pay for all their drinks when he finds them!

(Now that's on helluva idea! Hic hic :-D )

GREECE : Baby Rolling
A baby is rolled on the newly-weds' bed. This is believed to enhance fertility and happiness in the new marriage.

(Poor baby!! :-P )

IRELAND : Tokens of Love
An Irish man often gifts his ladylove a bracelet made of human hair. If she accepts and wears it, it shows she is linked to him for life. Some men also give their beloved a Harvest Knot made of straw (shown alongside), decorated with flowers or bells, to wear in their hair or around their neck.

(The second idea is so romantic!)

ORKNEY (A group of islands near Scotland) : The Blackening
In Orcadian weddings, the groom's friends ambush him and blacken him with a m…

10 Things

Just been thinking about this...
Here are 10 things I would say to my girl, if I was a guy...
1. Look at her in a dreamy-eyed way and say, "You're gooooorgeous, woman! I can't take my eyes off you..."
2. "I'll always be there for you honey."
3. "Sweetheart, you have made me the luckiest man on this planet by loving me."
4. "I care for you baby."
5. "I feel incomplete without you... Can I hug you forever?"
6. "Man! I'd be damned if you weren't by my side."
7. When she's smiling/laughing, "I love to see you happy."
8. "Your wish is my command, princess."
9. "I'm dying to see you, my angel."
10. "I missssss you :-( "

... And more importantly, 10 things I would NEVER ever say...

1. "What have you ever done for me?"
2. "Why don't you make some coffee as I read the newspaper in the other room?"
3. "Can we talk later? I want to watch the football/cric…

Zodiac Signs

Whether we believe in it or not, all of us know about the zodiac. Also called our sun-signs.

Q. Any idea which zodiac we refer to?
A. The Western zodiac signs - namely Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces, in that order.
You may also have read/heard about the Chinese zodiac that has 12 animals associated with the date of birth - Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar.
You already are aware that I am a Cancer-Leo cusp according to the Western zodiac. Have I told you my Chinese sign? It's the Ox. Which means I'm hardworking, persistent, stubborn and systematic, observant, short-tempered, intelligent, caring, loyal, responsible, blah blah blah...
Here's the new stuff...
I checked out Celtic zodiac signs, after getting Holly as my sign on a Facebook application. It seemed different and interesting, and once that was sensed, how could I keep it away from you, beloved readers?!…

Tara Mata Ki Jai!

I saw this ad on FB (Facebook) in December' 09 about somebody called Tara Medium, who (as her website claims) is a psychic with the gift of direct clairvoyance, that renders tarot cards, tea leaves and crystal balls useless.
After having faced extreme ill-luck in the areas of future plans viz. education, health, family and love life, it did not take too much deliberation on my part to check out the visions and guidance of this lady.

So the verdict is, my lucky times will start from Jan 14, 2010. That's tomorrow...

(Damn, I shall be heartbroken if this happens to be a lie...)

I don't really know what form or consequence this "good luck" will take, but there was some other stuff that she shared which made me say "Eureka"!
(Obviously gonna share it with you, so you know me better!)
I have unbounded magnetic power, along with extraordinary strength and exuberance :-) These qualities make my personality very unusual (ahem!), since they are rarely found together, …

To Whom It May Concern

( Or Affect Or Interest or Necessitate )

This is to certify that Miss Anuja Sudhir Rathi is an extremely possessive young lady who gets attached too soon to people and feels a right even on individuals she meets infrequently and casually. She tends to be over-protective, and needs constant attention and affection.

While she knows all this, she cannot seem to control her impulsive outburst that can sometimes be bitter and blunt. Let it be known that this causes her more agony than those involved. On occasions when she triumphs over her nature to cling or demand, and acts controlled and poised, folks involved feel she is detached and disinterested. This puts her in a dilemma and she cannot seem to understand what to do. Nevertheless, she is trying to be calm and accommodating, so she needs to be given that chance.

She is also aware that she cannot change the world, but she can make herself more affable and easygoing. She agrees that most people like her and care for her, even if they may n…

Year of the Tiger 2010

Heya friends!
2010 is here, and I know it'll sound old and oft-said when I exclaim that 2009 has really rushed past! So let's avoid... I'm just glad that the new year's here. So what if we need to work more in office coz most Indian holidays are on Sunday?!! (Grrrr......)
I celebrated New Year's Eve at The One lounge in Koregaon Park, a beautiful place that I've never been to before. The passes were obviously expensive, but I certainly had a gala time, so no complaints. I cannot give you a review of the venue as everything was pre-ordered and planned, but I shall surely go back there sometime as a guest and let you know more...
The other things I have been doing in the past week are watching Avatar, training a batch of candidates for Mphasis, spending time with family and friends, and visiting Mulshi. Studying for TOEFL should very much have been a part of this list, but unfortunately it isn't. I have no clue what to do and how to do it, and with the test less…

What I've learnt so far...

What I've learnt so far is...That no matter how much I want something, I will only get it if it's meant/destined for me.
What I've learnt so far is... That beer, vodka, tequila, whisky, gin, wine and rum cannot replace the high or the necessity of water.
What I've learnt so far is... That I can spend all my time and money on friends, and yet the first folks to reach me in my need would be my family.
What I've learnt so far is... No matter how much I try, some people are going to dislike, misunderstand and abandon me.
What I've learnt so far is... The best things in life may not be free, but nor are they always bought with money.
What I've learnt so far is... That a baby's smile and a warm hug can pacify the mightiest and the angriest.
What I've learnt so far is... Education does not teach you everything, but it counts regardless.
What I've learnt so far is... That people should be given advice, and then set free to make their own choices and mistakes.
What I&#…