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Apology cum Love Letter

I get bored with him as there’s often not much to talk. I get annoyed coz he keeps complaining all the time. I feel claustrophobic with him – I’m always being watched and commented upon. I… I… …I………It’s all about me… What about him?He’s done a lot for me till date. Be it telling me bedtime stories into the dead of the night, or helping me with my science assignments in school, or planning my career and higher education. He’s given me money to pay my fees, he takes me shopping when he can, he makes it a point to call me regularly, and visit me when I’m sick in bed. After the numerous things he’s done for me, I tend to feel ungrateful when I don’t take care of his needs and desires. Trust me, I want to be there for him! I wish to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making him happy. The only hitch is he wants me to do all the dreary stuff like hosting his vernacular guests and accompanying him to social dos. Which I DO do occasionally, but I CAN’T do all the time.I know I love him.…

Hot Love, Cold End

Ali loved Lara, but he invariably hurt her time and again. He couldn’t seem to be what she wanted and he couldn’t live without her. Being together was agony, being apart made them miserable. Life was a dilemma. Nothing was pleasurable when she was afar, and nothing went right, despite their best intentions, when they were near. Some things are meant to be, some aren’t… Which one was this relation?Samarjeet and Nisha had broken up 3 years ago. They had been going around for 3 years before that, and were sure they were partners for life. Destiny didn’t agree, and now they led their separate lives. Yet they could not forget each other. When their paths crossed, they felt that warm tingling sensation that was reminiscent of their memories together. And then they were arguing the very next second. Samar had put off marriage for a long time without really knowing why. Maybe he knew, maybe he didn’t want to accept or voice it out loud. Nisha didn’t know where she was headed. But each time sh…


What do you do when you are angry?a. Scold or criticize those near you?
b. Scream?
c. Hit yourself/others/objects/animals?
d. Fight with everyone you can see?
e. Throw things around?
f. Go for a walk/ride/drive?
g. Cry?
h. Sit quietly in one place and meditate?

The list is not exhaustive, as I’m certain there are many creative people who find myriad ways to displace or vent their anger.I usually end up being curt with people around me when I’m angry – be it the object of my anger or anyone else. And knowing that, I go into my shell and frequently keep mum when I find it hard to control my emotional outburst. There are times when I really can’t stop the tears from streaming down (yes, even in anger!) and I shiver with rage. Quite a furious cat, I am. Ask my family… They’ll tell you horrendous tales about me.(Don’t bother. I’m kidding, they won’t tell tales. They love me despite my arrogance and temper tantrums.)Being angry is an emotion that can be summarized in two words, but cannot be descri…


Just to say a quick hello folks... And updates!Yellow Box is wound up and done, and I join IBM the day after, after finishing my documentation tomorrow. Quite a tedious process,I hear,but you gotta do what you gotta do...I was in Mumbai these last few days.Of course, some of you may be unaware considering my blog is updated frequently; I post my blogs in advance so that I don't miss interacting with you and you don't miss me and my wisdom ;-)I spent some quality time with my baby, gosh has he grown!! Shall upload some pics soon, here as well as on FB so you can feast your eyes on the handsome cutie pie :-) He's so naughty and sweet, makes you wanna gobble him up and smother him with sloppy kisses!! And then he goes all pink and angry...Also caught up with some old friends and visited various hangouts. Mumbai's on another level altogether when it comes to chillout joints. There's a fancy place that sells doughnuts of various flavors and colors (Mad Over Donuts- MOD)…

Letter in a Bottle

In my dreams I'll always see you soar above the sky.
In my heart there'll always be a place for you for all my life.
I'll keep a part of you with me and everywhere I am there you'll be.... There you'll be by Faith Hill
Dear One,How are you? How’s your work going? Are you still enjoying it like you did when we were on talking terms? You took to your job like fish to water. It made me enormously happy to see you so proud of your company. And merrier still when you were appreciated for your excellent work and dedication. Did you know that? I had a feeling you thought I was unhappy about every joy of yours…That’s not true. At least not entirely. I ought to divulge I was a little envious about your being passionately involved and wildly enthusiastic about things unrelated to me. Would you call it illogically selfish? I’m sorry. But I’m just too possessive about you. (Note: I still write I AM, and not I WAS.) I can’t share your loving me with your liking even inanimate bik…

Yoo Hoo!!

Some relaxation, some shopping, a visit to Mumbai, chilling out with friends, a visit to the dentist… And it’s time to join IBM!!!

Yep fellas! Today is my last day at work at Yellow Box, and I’m very excited at the prospect of moving on to further my life and career.

Optimos, inlingua, Alchemy, Yellow Box… You’ve come a long way baby… Time for IBM.

I went shopping for some knick-knacks with mum yesterday and movie the previous day. So, I can safely say I’ve had an exciting pre-quitting weekend :-) The movie in question is Housefull (the review of which will follow eventually in this post), and my shopping list included things like T-shirts (obviously), shorts, socks, scarves, footwear (naturally) and a riding jacket. Happy!! Tulsibaug ne who kar dikhaya jo MG Road and Laxmi Road bhi nahi kar paye. Hip hip hurray!! :-D
I must put in a word about this Waman Hari Pethe jewelry store located on Laxmi Road that I visited to re-size my silver-pearl ring. EVERY BODY in the domain of customer ser…