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The League of Wicked Women

I am SO annoyed.Seething with fury would be an understatement.This is why I don’t like women.Yeah, I’ve said it before, and I say it again, I DON’T LIKE women.

I know I am one, too. That doesn’t change my objective and honest opinion.

I’m proud to say that guys find me one of them and I’m often labeled as a tomboy. No regrets or complaints there. I am glad that I am not found to be petty or bitchy like other chics. The guys can laugh with me and share things with me without being concerned about overly feminine reactions and discussions. Maybe that’s why the girls from the snob category find me weird. Coz I’m not one of them. As I said, no regrets. I’m better off this way.

Why am I on this trip today? Well, I’m extremely cheesed off, that’s what I am. This b**ch has screwed my mood nice and proper, and I can’t even say I’m astonished or taken by surprise. Always knew she was wicked, and have burnt my fingers before. Somehow I thought… (hoped!)… that she’d grown up and mended her nasty wa…

Unforgettable Times

Some occasions stay with you for a long, long time after they’ve actually passed.

Times when you hang out with people that you expect to be boring, and by the end of the day you’re really surprised and unexpectedly happy…
Leme tell you about one of those memorable nights. It wasn’t a party, if by party you mean clubbing and pub-hopping. A dear colleague invited me over to his place to meet his gang of best buddies and spouses. I usually don’t feel very comfortable with a bunch of people who already know each other very well. But this time, I thought I’d go as this guy insisted and promised I’d have a fun, cozy time. Turns out I did. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was told that the gang enjoyed playing cards and Uno at their get-togethers. I mean, didn’t we do that way back in school – play board games to kill time?I was so wrong. Playing a good ol’ game of cards can make you feel de-stressed and happy. And more so, when the gang welcomes you with open arms and takes to …

Raat Ka Nasha

Some things are so beautiful.

A sunset.A child smiling.A breeze on a sunny afternoon.Money in your jeans pocket when you have forgotten.A long drive on the highway when you need to unwind.A surprise that you always wanted.Food cooked by mum.A best friend’s hug.A midnight walk. Midnight walks. Yeah, I love those.

Not alone obviously. Unless I’m chatting on the phone or listening to music. But it’s the best with friends, and especially at times when you don’t say much, just walk together, relishing the peace and silence. Feeling the life in everything alive and inanimate, when your surroundings are fast asleep.

I remember my midnight saunters at Optimos. This was in 2004, while I was still an undergrad studying Psychology at Fergi. Optimos was my first fulltime job, and my office was initially located at Talawade, which is beyond Nigdi / Pimpri. The Kanbay campus where our building was situated had a huge stretch of land where we stretched our legs when we wanted to take a break. This was …

A rose by any other name…

He loved her.He loved her not.

He loved her.He loved her not.
He loved her.He loved her not.
The petals of the pink rose were quickly diminishing.
Was it a wise idea to gauge the authenticity of his feelings by trusting the number of petals in a flower?
What if one had dropped by itself before he had handed it to her?
Too bad. That’s a chance she would have to take.
He loved her.He loved her not.
Tweet Tweet… Tweet Tweet SMS…
Blank message.
He said blank messages meant he was thinking of her and missed her.
Of that she had no doubt. She knew she made a difference to his life.
As had he.
But love? Now that was a little dubious.
And if she be permitted, scary.

BPO ki Baatein

Hey there, fellas!Hows it going?Well, just wanted to share some stuff that I’ve come across in the past few weeks.Umm… How do I begin? Not a topic I’m comfortable with. But it’s reality, and there are people out there who not only speak and discuss it, but also do it with ease.When the BPO industry came to India, it created a boom in the market not just due to the fact that there was increased employability and money, but also coz with it, came a new lifestyle that people were eager to own and live. It was as fascinating as it was easy to get accustomed to; no wonder it became one of the most attractive job prospects for most youths and adults. Engineers and undergrads, folks from the merchant navy and arts background, scholars and dropouts – everybody with average and above average communication skills flocked to book their seat in this wonderful ship of dreams. The ship that promised to transport them to a haven with not only better salaries but also a better opportunity of growth a…