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Silver Silence

You say I do nothing for you,
You say I don’t care,
I know I’m doing the best that my body and mind will allow,
But I shall remain silent.
Silent, as you voice all your misplaced anger.
I’ve given you that right.
I love you.
And I hope you realise that some day.You hurt me in ways galore,
My pleas and protests fall on deaf ears,
I know I’m giving this the best I’ve got,
But I shall remain silent.
Silent, as you ignore me and make me feel wronged.
I’d given you that right.
I loved you.
And I hope you’ll sense that in your times of loneliness and sorrow.You tell me not to think,
You laugh coz my feelings are sentimental and far-fetched,
I writhe in pain and jump in glee,
But I shall remain silent.
Silent, as you appraise and mock me.
I see you for the moments you’re losing by choosing not to celebrate.
I pray you evolve.
And I hope you witness life for how beautiful it is than for how you think it should be.You help me rise when I’m down,
You’ve been there when I was depressed and lost,
I can’t describe enoug…

Chhupe Jaanwar

(… Sorry, Rustam, the animals take pride of place this time)One of my slightly unusual colleagues was talking about something called cryptids and crypotozoology. I’d heard of mythological creatures before, but what he showed and said really intrigued me. And then you know what happened next… I went digging around for info… and once I got it, it’s here for you to know and chew…So, cryptozoology (and this I quote from wiki and various other websites that google pulled up) literally means "the study of hidden animals” (Greek “kryptos” = "hidden" + zoology). It refers to the search for animals considered to be legendary or otherwise nonexistent by the field of biology. As it relies heavily upon anecdotal evidence, stories and alleged sightings, cryptozoology is considered a pseudoscience; a branch unrecognized by zoology or science. Not that that stops people from researching it though… Like me.Here’s the catch - many people mistakenly confuse cryptozoology with the study o…

Choosing the Right Choice

Tony wanted to get her home painted. And she was in a quandary. Shocking pink or dull grey? A colour that would stun everyone and prove exciting or a colour that’s look mellow yet stay longer? It was a tough choice.What would be better – she wondered… Looking at an attractive shade that frustrated her by peeling at the edges?Or being within the confines of an insipid hue that did not wear off years after it was painted?Would the exhilaration of the shocking pink dim out in the following months? Maybe the gray that seemed monotonous now would make her comfortable in the years to come…Sometimes decisions about simple things weren’t as simple as they appeared.Just like relationships.Boys want girlfriends that are “shocking pink” but not many of them would end up marrying them. Conjugal bliss is better guaranteed with girls that are “dull grey”. Or at least that’s what popular opinion claims.Girls… I’m really not sure. I’d like to believe that they desire a lifelong partner and according…

Letter to the Bday Boy

Hi baby!Happy birthday to you!! Muaaaaaahhh !!!You’re a year old today… 12 months have truthfully and factually been 365 days long, yet they appeared never-ending and minuscule at different intervals. There were times when I could sense you growing by the hour, and then there were days when you just seemed to remain as you were… I’ve been thankful as well as amazed at both those occasions. Now when I think of it, I’m soooo waiting for you to grow up.That age where I can really start pampering you. Buying you chocolates and spoiling you. Giving you everything you want, and admonishing you when you do something nasty or gross.You’re really sweet now, and god knows you’re a handsome bugger. You charm women even when you’re fast asleep, and people of all ages and genders find you irresistible. You also make your presence felt and your personality known, when you object at being ignored or being treated a certain way, and when you giggle uncontrollably coz someone’s acting barmy. You coo a…

Agony Aunt

Hi friends,If you have come here for some fun and laughs, I would ask to be forgiven and excused. Today’s not your day. It belongs to someone who really needs me for something else.This is for you, you.Read well, and read with trust and acquiescence. You know I care for you.You want to believe a million things, not one of them is true. You have to accept that everything you thought was false, a pretty façade that came crashing down.You’re lucky it did. You’re fortunate it did when it did. Any longer, and the consequences would have been even more grim and grave. Not that circumstances aren’t already bad and painful enough.You weaved and conjured a utopia that promised to be beautiful if not exactly perfect. You so desperately wanted to suppose that things can always change for the better as people decide to change in love. Sweetie… that does not happen. How could you be so naïve?I wonder what you were thinking. I wonder if you were even thinking. Love does funny things to people. But …