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Beautiful World

Someone who has tremendous knowledge, a good dressing sense, a great job, amazing salary and perks, a car and luxuries despite being humble and simple, unbelievable modesty, sensitivity and direction, humanity and patience… and an inferiority complex.
Someone who asks a million questions and appears funny and silly, and is still loved for who she is, and her honesty and forthrightness.
Someone who thinks he’s the alpha male, the most intelligent of them all, and acts like a prince even though he’s fake inside and outside, and people know it and see through his artificiality… and he’s still unconcerned and unaffected, regaling himself and exploiting others in his make-believe perfect world.
Someone who has a terrible destiny, and only one hand that can save, and he ends up biting the very hand that tries to pull him up from his deep grave… time and again.
Someone who thinks she is being used and abused, not aware of the fact that this “being used” is what gives her happiness and contentmen…


Hey there!Thanks all you new and old readers who have taken the time to read my million thoughts and 400-odd compositions. Thanks is also in order to you lovely, big-hearted people who have chosen to follow my blog and comment when a topic or emotion touches you…To all you darlings, I’m highly grateful. Thank you!What I’ve been up to recently? Well, I can explain that in one single word – WORK.I’ve been immensely busy these last 3 weeks. Since the time I returned from vacation (Binsar, Uttarakhand – read more by clicking here), my life has been a roller coaster. At work, I have scarcely realised when one week began and the passing weekend ended. 10 hours seemed to flash by in 10 seconds as I was neck-deep in assignments, projects, tasks and meetings. I did manage to network with most people, but I can still think of a hundred things that need to be done… As they say, if it’s over, it’s not work! (Well, who said it? I just did…)

But I can’t say it hasn’t been fun. I enjoy what I do. No …

Things Fall Apart... And how...

I want you to miss me,
I want you to want me all the time;
To know that I’m the one and only for you,
I’d give my last and only dime.

I want to hear you sigh,
I want to listen to you say;
I made a difference like nobody never before,
That I was perfect for you in every way.

They tell me I ought to get over you,
The fools they know not the pain;
Even now when I see you looking at me,
It makes me blush, drives me insane.

As you strut around without a worry,
I yearn to sneak a peek at what’s inside;
I want to hope against hope it’s a mess,
That within me your peace and joy reside.
I want to know I was your pillar,
I seek to hear you made a blunder;
That you’d never find another like me coz I
Was meant to be your lifelong companion and lover.
Just how foolish could I be,
How naïve and injudicious;
To trust someone like you with my heart,
Was a move silly, lethal and capricious.

Fate’s but a funny thing,
For those that stand and watch;
For me, it was the harbinger of disappointment and dread,
When my sorrow climbed …

Vacation ... Part 3

Before I tell you more about water zorb-ing, here are the links to previous write-ups about my vacation...Part 1: click herePart 2: click here
And now... Zorb-ing...

Imagine this. You are asked to step into a ball-like thing made of plastic-like material and they blow it up with air till it’s well-rounded and bouncy. You are then velcrow-ed inside and pushed into a pool of water. And you’re challenged to stand up and walk on the water without falling down.
That’s water zorbing for you…
Wow is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of my ten minutes in the bouncing balloon on the water!
It looks uncomplicated, but trust me when I say, it’s tremendously arduous and tricky. Standing up inside the ball is laborious, staying that way for a few seconds and trying to walk is next to impossible. As the oxygen inside starts wearing out, you feel exhausted and can’t wait to get out.
I did manage to stand up several times, but the number of failed attempts were considerably greater. It’s al…

Vacation ... Part 2

(This is the second part of my travelogue. You can view the first part by clicking here)Moving on to the details of our awesome holiday...
Here's more about the sightseeing stuff we did in Binsar, Uttarakhand.
Exploring the resort is a task in itself. There are beautiful flowers and pleasant viewing points to feast your eyes on the Himalayan ranges, among them Trishul, Kedarnath, Shivling and Nandadevi. You can see the same from Zero Point a short distance away which is situated in the Binsar Sanctuary that claims to have a variety of fauna, but doesn’t quite live up to the hype.
Most tourist locales are 25-70 kms from the resort, so they take anywhere between 1 to 4 hours by car one way. You can’t really drive any faster in the ghat, and the journey becomes soporific after a bit. (Having visited the more marvellous Manali and Darjeeling, valleys and rivers don’t stimulate me a great deal.)
Most sightseeing places boast of temples (chiefly Shiva or the local Golu Dev); among these we…

Vacation ... Finally!!

Gona divide my travelogue into 3 parts coz it's super huge :)
(What else do you expect knowing the way I rant and rave and elaborate and describe... LMAO)

Part 1
Yeah, u heard (read) right.
The travel gods finally smiled upon me, and took me up north to spend a terrific, unforgettable week with friends and family.
: Primarily Binsar, which is located ___ kms from Delhi and 40 from Almora in Uttarakhand. I also spent some time in Delhi and Nainital that fall enroute.
How long
: I flew from Pune on the 20th and returned on the 28th; so exactly 6 nights and 7 days in the Club Mahindra Resort at Binsar (Basauli, actually).
Why Binsar
: My brother is employed by Club Mahindra Holiday Resorts, and he is the resort manager at this particular site. Mum tends to miss him, and he tends to get home-sick, so we decided to go see him. An added incentive was that Binsar is a tourist spot that nestles in the Kumaon, and the resort is a luxurious and enticing holiday destination.
Having stated the b…


This could be one very enthralling post for those of you that are familiar with the BPO world.

For those who aren’t, here’s some good to know info :-)
One of the perks of being in a call centre / BPO is the transport facility.
Note: I’m not saying it’s one of the “best” parts. If I did, I’d probably make front page headlines coz people would rant and rave and criticise me for spreading misconceptions leading to media abuse and social irresponsibility… Can’t risk it…
Anyhow… The point is, taking company transport daily to and from work makes for some very intriguing experiences.
The good part is definitely where you get to meet new people (if you’re the types that likes to meet new people, else it can be a tedious compulsion). Some become your friends, and others become topics of dialogue – the way they behave, the things they talk, their manner of dressing, etc.
Another obvious reason for taking the cab is that it saves you the trouble of driving on the crazy Pune roads amidst the crazier …