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Time Tells

Why is it that anything you say has got to be taken lightly or seriously as expected, and my words dash against inappropriate responses time and again? Why the hell is time, money and resource not a concern when you want to go somewhere and do something, yet challenges don’t seem to ebb when I express my desires? Why, for Chrissake, do you frustrate me by saying things that are better left unsaid? By making me feel unimportant? By showing me just how small and oafish I am…It’s ridiculous. It makes me so irate. Why don’t u understand? Why…… … … Patty paused for a moment and re-read what she had written.Then, just as quickly as the words had been etched, she tore up the piece of paper.She knew he loved her. She was confident about it. Positive beyond doubt.But somehow his past haunted her. She could not put her insecurities to rest. Each moment, she readied herself to hear the worst about Kurt and her relationship with him.To know that he was cheating on her, that she meant nothing to h…

You, Me and Stress (Part 1)

Bon Jour, you gorgeous people!Howdy?
I would like to eat a hamburger… Ae vood lake to-a itt aeee damburgaaaaaaa!!
LMAO… Been watching this scene from Pink Panther a couple of times over the last few days, just cant get over it… Jean Reno is fabulous!! You gotta watch the first part if you haven’t already. You’ll laugh your guts out… More so if you’re interested in training and communication and the like.
Awrite, getting back to our topic for the day. Remember I told you I’m reading a book by John Gray?
Let me remind you in case you don’t – I’m reading Why Mars and Venus Collide by John Gray, also writer of the bestseller Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. I enjoyed the first book, and this one is fascinating and insightful too. In fact, there is an entire series of Mars-Venus books and websites for those that are heavily into this philosophy and believe in the benefits of self-help.
I don’t. Although, I did find parts of the book extremely interesting and eye-opening. So useful d…

Dead Man Talking

You're taking me for a ride coz I have faith in you, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You want to break me down and laugh in my face, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wana see my beaten and begging, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wana wipe my smiles away with my own flowing tears, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wana prove to me how helpless I am, and how much you control me, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You wish to shame me in front of the very people who were worse than me once, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

You want to kill my pride and self-esteem, make me humble and diffident, right?
Congrats you're succeeding.

Lucky in exams, unlucky in education. No too lucky in career, reasonably lucky in life.
Not lucky with friends, and certainly not lucky in love.
Feeling forgotten and defeated.
That's what you desired?
Congrats you're succeeding.

People moved on with their jobs and partners, while I kept waiting for life to happen.
I he…

Forsaken Faith

Saahil loved women. They made him happy in so many ways.

He used them to suit the purpose at hand. He explored them in bed, showed them off at social dos, wooed them when he felt flirtatious, seduced them when he wanted to feel powerful, ignored them when he wanted to hang out with the guys and politely bade goodbye after he was done with all of the above.
And women… They seemed to know it all – his history, reputation and character - and yet got attracted to him. Some because they wanted a wild guy exactly like him who they believed they could tame and keep for life, others because they themselves wanted to enjoy a brief, stormy ride in the woods.
The string of women never ended. One gave way to another, and for Saahil, ever woman was a feather in his overflowing cap; a victory that made him feel like the alpha male he fantasized to be. He guiltlessly hounded them, sometimes one at a time, other times several at once.
Good if they agreed, better if they didn’t. It gave him a challenge t…

Super Saturday!

“Weekend”That single word contains all the bliss and excitement present in the universe.Of course, it’s not everyone’s destiny to enjoy 2 days off a week: I know of quite a few people who work 5.5 or 6 days per week – I was one of them until last year when I joined IBM. So, it’s all the more reason to get excited and start planning what to do and how to go about it.Well, this weekend, for a change, I had no plans. Rather, I had a plan that finally did not happen, so I went with the flow and lived a divine and delightful day today – as the title gives away, it was a Super Saturday!To begin with, the weather was abso-fu*kin-lutely brilliant! It’s been drizzling and pouring the last few days – the monsoon has finally arrived in Pune. Here are my initial thoughts when I woke up: It’s perfect to go out for a drive. (Though petrol prices have skyrocketed.) It’s perfect to write a nice, emotional blog. (Which I do irrespective of the climate conditions.) It’s perfect to go gallivanting out i…