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Hearts of Gold

Some meet none.I’m lucky to have met more than a few in my lifetime.Don't need a thank you day to say this, I'm thankful for them every moment (even when I'm pissed with them!)Say hullo to these abso-flippin-lutely fantastic folks... Not mentioned in any specific order.
Each of them are unique and special and incomparable.
Dr. Satish Pandit – The bestest doctor ever. He practices Ayurveda, which a lot of people scoff at, and quite a few swear by. Honestly, to me, it makes no difference coz he’s got a magical hand. This wizard can delightfully and effortlessly set right anything that’s not right. He’s not crude and heartless like some other physicians I see, know or hear about. His smiling face heals half the trouble, and his medicines do the rest. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve met in life, I think I’m blessed to know him. He’s got an answer for everything that aches your body and mind, and he knows the remedy for every malady, be it a simple cold or the most severe illn…

The (In)eligible Bachelors

First of all, thanks Harish and the BlogAdda team for sending me this book to review as part of their varied initiatives. It's a fab idea, methinks. Spread the hobby and cheer, and get reviews in return. What wouldn't I do to get a full-time job of enjoying the finer things in life - eating out at swanky joints, traveling to exotic locales, reading millions of books, AND being paid for my opinion!! Swooooon...

Ahem. Pardon my flight of fantasy.

The (In)eligible Bachelors by Ruchita Misra (RM, for the sake of brevity) is (fortunately and may I add, surprisingly) fairly good book. It's not outstanding, it's certainly not a drag, and possibly the best way to describe it would be genuine and interesting. No pretensions, and absolutely no claims to being revolutionary - the book is a quick and engaging read.
The author profile caught my interest, quite a ticking brain this pretty damsel's got; she’s an MBA and triple gold medallist from IIFT Delhi. Neat, eh? The thank you…

You got the Look...

I look at you… and I see you looking right back at me.Does it fluster me?
Not at all.
Well, maybe.
Yes, actually. It kinda does. Coz I see so many things in your eyes.
Pain. Coz you miss me.Jealousy. When you see someone else sharing a laugh or heart to heart with me.Yearning. Coz you know things would seem better no matter how bad they really are, had I been by your side.Frustration. Coz you think I cannot see your loneliness.Anger. Coz you think your misery gives me joy.Revengefulness. Coz you want me to suffer and feel what you’re feeling.
I do. I totally see what you’re going through.
You always knew I knew what you thought and felt.I still do.
And I know you force yourself to hate and ignore me.And it doesn’t work.
And that bugs you probably a little more than the fact that I seem so blissfully unaware and merry in my own life.
You detest me for being happy.You resent me for not being with you.
You gave me no choice.You pushed me away.
So many times.In so many ways.
I just had no other opt…

What's Up !!

All fiction and no personal update make Life… a dull blogAnd hence, I present to you what I’ve been upto over the last few days… (Weeks? Ahem.)Now where do I begin? When I completed a year at IBM? (May this year.)
The catastrophe that shook me several months ago taking the form of my Lasik surgery at the jerk Darak’s clinic? (July 2011)
Or my Ladakh trip in August? I think good times make great beginnings. So Ladakh trip it is. You’ve no doubt seen the many snaps on Facebook and the multiple posts on Leh-Ladakh that I shared for the benefit of hundreds of travel enthusiasts. I must say this again at the risk of sounding redundant, you MUST visit this destination. It’s marvellous. And completely mind-blowing.September kicked in with a bang – Ganesh Chaturthi brings a cheer to entire humanity.I voluntarily chose to give up non veg cuisine for the 10 days that Ganapati lives with us, but then, anything for Lord Ganesha. He’s after all, granted me everything without my explicit requesting, …

You, Me and Stress (Part 6)

Namaste pretty fellas!Ready for gyaan session 6 by John baba and Anuja baby?
LOL. This post's got some smart tips for building and nurturing your relationships… Happy reading!- The greatest pain comes from withholding your love. We want our partners to like being with us, to feel safe, free and cherished in our presence. To reach this goal, freedom, acceptance, trust and understanding are vital.- Many couples feel a heaviness in their lives because they believe they have to sacrifice themselves to please their partners. This attitude needs to change. Think of it not as a sacrifice, but as a way to be considerate towards your partner. She doesn’t mistrust or control you when you drive or make decisions, you just have different needs and thresholds. You needn’t stop driving fast completely, just slow down a little with her. This is positive sacrifice, that is worthwhile forboth. - Successful relations are those where people can discuss and resolve issues. Loving support, good communi…

What makes you smile?

I stumbled upon this question when I was having coffee with a friend the other day.What happened was… I ordered a Warm Choco-Indulgence pastry and was visibly indulging in it. Now, I’m used to having an affable fight with my companions over such delightful pleasures (desserts, hookah, chocolates) and therefore, it was no surprise when he didn’t and I was disappointed. I literally had to coax him into taking a bite, and he admitted he wasn’t crazy about chocolate.So, I asked him “What do you like?” He said “Everything”. How I hate that answer. Everything, nothing and don’t know are the laziest answers to give. Either coz you can’t bother to elaborate, or coz you don’t ardently like anything, or more believably, you are yourself unaware of what makes you tick. All extremely pitiable states, in my opinion.I mean what is life and individuality if you don’t have the time or inclination to explore yourself? How can you expect someone else to understand you if you are yourself blissfully obl…