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The entire world’s closing in on me as I sink into an oblivion wherein I can neither float nor rise. Maybe that’s what I must do now. Give in. Not resist. Not fight back. Just lie back and be numb.Watch the scenes racing past me until I hit rock bottom and collide with the mass that will save me from this painful consciousness.
Sometimes death’s a rescue; a thing to embrace and not to fear or avoid.Life is not easy. There are all kinds of situations to deal with, all kinds of people to face, all kinds of troubles to solve, and all kinds of discomforts to put up with. Why all the hullaballoo about death? It’s living that is more difficult, laborious and agonizing.
The best of us learn how to adapt, and how to act. How to retain our sanity and honesty in a world that demands various shades of being true and fake.
A married woman who claims to love her husband and spends hours writing poetry about another prospective lover. A sly guy who would spare no effort in fooling and licking up to th…

When I gave you up...

When I gave you up,
I forsake a life of insecurity,
I embraced a new hope,
When I gave you up.When I gave you up,
I let go of the fears that you bestowed,
I razed my compromised wishes,
And dared to live,
When I gave you up.When I gave you up,
I chose a strength,
One that let me be me,
And not cower under your desires,
I opened my eyes to courage,
When I gave you up.When I gave you up,
I learnt that I was not less significant,
That I was not merely a tool for your happiness,
To be there for you when you were low,
I deserved to be prized and treasured too,
I saw my own value,
When I gave you up.When I gave you up,
I felt the pain and anguish,
Of losing what is held close and divine,
What I thought was the necklace adorning me,
Was the very noose that tightened around my neck,
Every moment I nurtured you and squashed my needs,
I relinquished a life of servitude,
When I gave you up.When I gave you up,
Freedom and joy seemed strange,
A novelty I was afraid to get used to,
I sought your hand in mine,
I screamed in my …