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To Fix it All...

She could see the pain in his eyes when he ogled at her. He thought she wouldn’t notice. But she knew. Everyone did. It was so obvious. He could have screamed it out and it would still have sounded softer. His anguish was blaring.
He thought by ignoring her, by not acknowledging her presence, he would succeed at forgetting her. But even when he tried to criticise her, by bitching about her, he revealed how much he missed her… How badly he needed her… How incomplete and lost he felt without her.
He failed to fool himself, and nobody else was duped either.
His unspoken frustration was heard and pitied. It would make so much more sense if he openly admitted it and tried to make amends, try at least, to set things right.
But those days were gone. There was nothing he could do now.
Time and tide wait for no man.
She had waited. She had done all that she could, and she had waited for him, despite his eccentricities and idiosyncrasies.
And he had failed her. He had shamelessly thrown away everyt…

Of Lessons and Appeals

Hola amigos!
Been a while since I spoke Spanish.
Thanks to a colleague at work who is fluent in the language, I do manage to employ the Spanish greetings now and then, but that’s about it. Repeated resolutions to grab my books from the bedside shelf and flip through them revising and brushing up on the language have fallen flat as resolutions are wont to do… But ah, life goes one… I shall try again tomorrow…
(You wana be persistent? Vale. Hola mi chicos, como estais? No estoy bien. Quiereis escuchar a mi? Claro!)
Happy now?!! As if you got it!! Lol. Mind you smarties, I did not Google translate!! This much I do remember ;-)
Been a while since I wrote...
Just been caught up all these days. Busy in body and mind, stressed more than useful and civil. Cranky beyond par, and unbearable to say the least.  
I’ve been really down the dumps in the last few weeks. One of those (supposedly) rare times when nothing goes right, and no amount of optimism and taking it easy can fix either the issues or the…

Crime: Experience and Review

Our bike got stolen a few days ago.
(I’m not kidding you.)

(Who jokes about things like that?!!)
Our brand new Pulsar 150 DTSi, the gleaming black adorable beastie, which we’d bought just this Gudi Padwa (March 22, 2012) vanished in broad daylight from the Pulse parking lot (which we later learnt was not the “official” parking place).
Didn’t know this happens in Pune.
Can’t believe it happened to us.
Aren’t good things supposed to happen to good people?
And if not, can’t at least the bad things stay away?
Life’s not fair, I knew it. After all, can’t expect a hungry lion not to eat you coz you’re vegetarian. But this very disappointing. Very annoying. All my optimism has gone astray and my peace of mind is shattered.

All the good muhurat banter while buying the bike seems like nonsense now, and I have little faith in Indian policemen and justice-vendors now that the vehicle’s lost. All we can do now is wait a while and claim theft insurance that we fortunately took. However, the pain won’…

Amen to Life... and Struggles

Have you seen the Mula river, the part near the Holkar bridge?
Its surface is filled with green plants – water hyacinth, I believe (that’s the only relevant one I remember from my school days).
The other day, when I passed by that area, I grew extremely restless. I couldn’t take my eyes off the view nor could I blow away this feeling of dread and doom. A gurgling, flowing river would never allow plants to grow on top of the waves. Nor would it permit them to stay and cover its entire surface to the extent that it appears like a green lawn rather than a blue stream.
When one living thing tolerates another living on top of it, what happens to its own life? Death is imminent, if not today, then tomorrow. However, dying while you’re still alive, is that what some living things aim for? Is that considered virtuous and praiseworthy? Nothing personifies life as accurately and beautifully as a river. Its swaying curves, the liveliness around its banks, the soothing sound of the waters, the eleg…