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Marital Bliss

And finally…
I’m a Mrs.
Mrs. Singh :-)
June 29, 2012 is when the fateful event occurred – I tied the knot with Akhilesh Pratap Singh who first met me at work and then became my life.
(Ironically, the maha-mantra of his life was : Never date a person who lives near, studies or works with you. Fortunately or unfortunately, when cupid strikes, all these fancy fundas fall miserably flat.)
Also, like most men, regardless of their chronological age, his standard statement was, “I’m not getting married for the next 5 years”.
Flop funda number 2.
But let bygones be bygones. Now that we’re hitched and condemned to a blissful life together, all’s well that ends well… I shall pretend all his fundas and all his eccentricities are totally remarkable and wondrous. As will he.
“How does it feel to be a Mrs.?” “Hows married life?”
That’s the first question most people ask instead of daily greetings these days. “It’s great” I retort. And it is.
I’ve found myself a loving partner who can do anything for me.…