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Book Review for Blogadda : Barnabas

Five words...

"A very, very good book"

The shortest review ever and the most appropriate.

Barnabas, written by Sangeeta Nambiar is a murder mystery investigated by a young, intelligent chap, self-proclaimed "the first Private Detective of Bombay".

- Bombay, coz the book is set in the pre-Independence era (though thats the name I still use and prefer)

- Barnabas, coz the word rhymes with "bandobast" - a term that the protagonist's father has memories about.

Now Barnabas, as some of you might know, was one of the earliest Christian disciples in Jerusalem.

Not that that has any link to this story. Except maybe for one line about "flock" and religion.

When Blogadda sent me this book to read and review, I liked the cover (although I rarely judge a book by that feature). I don't expect too much from books of late, so this one came as a very pleasant (and rare) surprise. The author is extremely gifted and superbly simple. Isn't that the best com…


I wandered lonely as a cloud,

(But don't they flock in groups so sook?)

Underneath me, the world moved,

Nobody to spare a wave or look.

The trees and shrubs rustled their leaves,

Mocking my lonely passage in space;

I showed that I didn't care a bit,

Belied by my voyeur pace.

I watched the merry streams frolic,

My snow white fleece darkened by my sorrow;

I wanted to disappear, vanish, evaporate,

Like there was no yesterday, today or tomorrow.

In pensive thought I stood and rocked,

Moments felt like days and months;

You drifted past as I trudged behind,

The breeze to me what you were once;.

When does it stop, I mused aloud,

Exactly how does it all end;

A cloud with me to stay for life,

Where can I find you, my friend?


Thanks to William Wordsworth for the opening line of this poem, taken from the super popular and awesomely famous creation "Daffodils".

My own two-pence (twenty lines, actually) to follow it... Hopefully should get 1/1000th the recognition and 100% mental connection.


Jhakk and Luck

Your best friend and worst enemy.
So many of us would have been such better people without this phenomenon.
A young girl with stars in her eyes wanting to study abroad, an old man who keeps waiting to see his grandson but is often told the family’s too busy to visit, a teenager who desires a gadget that his parents promised but never got, a lover who does everything for her partner only to be told time and again how she has screwed his life and happiness, a professional who worked hard all year round only to be told that somebody else shall be winning the alpha numero position…
And then you are told to not be low and keep up your strength and perseverance, to not lose hope, time will pass, everything will be all right, god has better things in store, destiny and blah.
If you ask me, destiny has very little to do with it.
Most of our disappointments are caused either due to another disappointed individual seeking to spread the sorrow and sense of failure, or by substandard …

Oh-some Threesome

Time for another review, fellas!
(Is my blog getting too commercial and less personal? Well, apologies are in order if that is the case. However, I possibly cannot say no when someone offers me a free book (or a free meal / trip / ticket / tour / blah). Since my writing skills are above average, I guess it is part and parcel of the deal. Get something to experience and write a review in return.
Not a bad deal now, is it? In fact, I would call it my dream job. Offers anybody?)
The experience in question this time is a book by Rohit Gore impressively titled “Circle of Three”. The name enamored and excited me, but the book, sadly did not do much justice. No doubt the writing is engaging, but the plot could do with a little magic. You know what I mean? Something that was not so run off the mill.
Having read books of the caliber of the Godfather, Prisoner of Birth, Palace of Dreams, Fountainhead, (even the Harry Potter and Twilight series for that matter), I certainly expect more deep and …