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The RIGHT time

What’s with the “right” time bullshit?
I mean really… Who are you to know right from wrong? And how is one supposed to be aware of the status of Father Time if one does nothing about it and only keeps waiting?? What if life doesn’t offer you that opportunity again???
Its maddening…
“Wait for the right time”. “All in good time”. “Samay se pehle …”

Useless jazz. Perfect excuse to procrastinate. The maha mantra for lazy losers.
We sing “If tomorrow never comes” and we enjoyed “Kal Ho Na Ho”. But they are not the way we function and think. Of all the million things we have learnt to do, to prioritize right is not on the top of the list. Work takes precedence over relationships, and money becomes more essential than people. We read about stories like life is a cup of coffee and life is a mayo jar but the moment the story is appreciated and done with, you move on and live the same way that is a given…
The urgent stuff that means little is done first, and the important things that must be done …

Shades of Love - Book Review

So, I received this anthology of short stories edited by Ankit Mittal from Grapevine. Its called Shades of Love, and as the name suggests, it includes 25 stories all based on various emotions and situations that revolve around the four-letter word.

Now I'm not very fond of short stories; they seem too detached and incomplete to me. Like either the author or the reader is too lazy and does not have imagination or the inclination to supply the root or fruit to the tale, thus, merely projecting a trunk and stopping there. The disconnected tales require me to take a break after every story, and hence, such a long time to read a book of short stories. But anyway...

Love, is a term that we all talk about and all know too much about. Obviously enough, since movies and soaps drill every scenario, possible or otherwise, down our throat, nothing is unique or shocking anymore.

So, not surprisingly, most stories that comprise this anthology are pretty mundane and predictable. Bollywood movies …

Creativity Cut

Heard of power cut? Pay cut?? Job cut??? Kut-cut????
These are the adverse times of what I would call the “Creativity cut”.
People just don’t seem to be coming up with novel, outstanding plans anymore. Borrowed ideas and stolen visions take shape in the form of “inspirations” and substandard stuff is sold through means like books, movies, soaps, etc.
No wonder then that books like Kane and Abel, Mahabharata and Fountainhead happen once in a decade. TV serials too, be it their plot or humour, rely totally on things that have been said or directed in the past. Fortunately, Three Idiots and Taare Zameen Par happen every year since we have an Aamir Khan in the film industry. Hollywood, too, is gifted with some exceptional creators and producers and so, no complaints there.
Which brings me to what I’ve recently experienced and hence, arrived here to talk about:
1920 Evil Returns and Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana in Bollywood and The Bankster by Ravi Subramian in book-world.
Let me confess, I …