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He loved to look at their hands. Not in the dirty, fetish kinda way, like they spoke about in psycho movies and books. His fondness was in the curious, genuine sort of way.

Short and stubby fingers. Long, bony ones. Fleshy palms. Green river-like veins trailing from wrist to knuckles. Fair hands so smooth that butter sliding over them would appear rough. Hardened skin with corns borne out of labor and lack of care.

He loved them all. They enthralled him beyond imagination.

Each one told him a story that he was eager to know.

Like the last time he was mixing shades of blue bangles for the lady of the visiting diplomat. Her hands, though neat and manicured still told a sturdy tale. After all, she had worked as a stenographer for a lengthy period of time, apart from working with thimbles and needles, and washing the clothes and dishes for even longer.

But all that was in the past. A past that her present would never disclose.

Except when someone looked at her hands.

He had. And he smiled …

Funny Musings

I wonder how life would’ve been with you…
Once upon a time, you seemed like the perfect soulmate. It was like my dream come true when I set eyes on you. You seemed so perfect, everything about you appeared divine. Even your shortcomings had a peculiar cuteness about them. I couldn’t bear to be away from you, and time flew when we were together.
But that was a long time ago.
Now, with you in your changed life, and me in my lively one, I muse … Were my suspicions confirmed when I said we’re better off apart? Or was it a decision that I would regret for life?

I’m yet to know… But you know already… Coz you’ve moved on… and your new life has begun.

“Funny” is the only word that comes to mind when I try to categorize this situation. Sad, happy, weird, confusing, annoying, frustrating, helpless, ridiculous – it all can be described as “funny”.

Life is “funny”.

When you’re in the midst of things, experiencing and living each moment, black and white is clear. You can easily say yes or no, and right o…

Fright Time

If you're as big a horror movie buff as me, then you sure need to watch the films listed below (unless you have already, in which case you can watch them again)...

Let me also tell you that I get freaked out by most movies, or atleast some scene in most spectral movies. This might make you call my taste rubbish, but hey, this is my blog, and I will talk about my fav horror films in this post. Just so we're clear :-)

Here's the "ghostly" list (not in any particular order). 7 movies for the next week, one night at a time...

1. Bhoot - My all time fave Hindi horror movie. It was a rage back then, but even now, you will see people speaking about Urmila's awesome acting and the terrific direction. This Bollywood movie gave me sleepless nights, and had me clamoring each time it was talked about or screened on TV (edited obviously, but exciting nevertheless). Good performances by the other actors, too - Rekha, Ajay Devgn (Devgan / Devgun / whatever).

2. Forget me not -…

Now even the PM has to listen to me!!!


Given that I yak so much about everything under the sun no matter how much I know or understand, it sure is one long blog that I keep pouring my head and heart into, and you lovely people keep reading and feed-backing.

Thanks to your continued patronage, "Life..." (now 5 and a half years young), has been noticed by more than a few of the "crucial" folks and organizations. Blogadda is one, and the rank for my blog has moved up almost 20 points (from 74 to 58) in the last few weeks. While #1 position is still a dream, we'll get there together, what say?!!

Quite a few other companies and brands have approached me for writing about them or my reviews about their products and services. Club Mahindra resorts,, Grapevine Publishers, and so many more. 

Another addition to this list has been Viewspaper. They recently asked me to write a letter to the Prime Minister about my views and suggestions on the state of the country.

If you know me even one bit, you…

Another Day, Another Dawn

He looked up from the newspaper as she coughed. "She's unwell", he mimed to his wife when he caught her eye.

She looked at her. A hint of amazement passed her face. She turned back to him and nodded mutely. Her mind abuzz with activity.

So, he was not as unobservant as he claimed. He very well chose what he wanted to see and overlook what was not convenient to handle.

Such are the ways of men, and such are the fates of the women they marry.

They had wed 3 years ago. It was a love marriage. Marriages, whether love or arranged, reach the same state the moment the knot is tied. It does not matter who asked who out, or who made the first move. It all boils down to what we're taught as we grow up, and what our outlook on life, traditions and relationships is.

The maid had already finished sweeping the floor. Five minutes is more than what she would take to sweep the entire 3 BHK they had recently rented in a posh locality in town.

She sighed. She was in no mood to get int…