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Time up - 2013 !!

What’s all this mad banter about Devyani Khobragade?
If we’re only looking for a ‘feel-good’ excuse that protects our belief of self-righteousness and dignity, then we’re sadly mistaken. This issue has been blown up immensely and has zero worth in my eyes.
We’re all worried about how our Indian naari is being treated in the US despite her diplomat status. Headlines are created without using the head. Exactly how stupid is this? And how much do we respect our own countrymen anyway? We hate each other and we discriminate against each other right in our offices and streets. Why then are we so incensed about this incident abroad? Merely to make a political issue out of it?
If we really want to assert our pride and dignity, we should object to China’s repeated invasions. Then we do nothing. Yet a maid in America piques our interest. It’s so depressing. Arvind Kejriwal getting sworn in as the new CM is a news to celebrate, but everything else about India and politics is a sham.
Speaking of …

Letter To a Lonely Heart

This is a really ancient post... and considering that the person I wrote it for is neither in touch nor will ever be, I think it's okay to post it, as fiction if we're not comfortable with owning up to its reality. 
Just to let us know that people who don't deserve love need it the most, and people who seem tough outside are really warm when you get to know them... So give everyone a second chance... And for some, give them at least one chance rather than staying hard and haughty. 
Hey XYZ,

We haven’t been talking for some time now. For reasons best known to you and not completely unfamiliar to me. But that doesn’t mean you’ve been off my mind. Though obviously I’ve not quite figured in your scheme of things. The happy-go-lucky and pragmatic chap that you are…
However, the last time you really opened up to me remains etched in my memory like a scratch on a rock. You told me about yourself. About who you really were and what you’ve been through. I remember you asking me once …

Happy Holidays and Occasions

Hi My Lovelies,

The festive season is here and most of you must be having a gala time enjoying the winter (if you're on this side of the globe). Pune's freezing and sultry at different times of the day and night, but overall it's a fairly pleasant phase of the year. Christmas and New Year is around the corner. I wish you loads of luck and laughter all the year round!

On that very formal note, let me also tell you that my Uncle (Abba) celebrated his 67th birthday last week. This wonderful occasion was also complemented by his housewarming function. To express my love and gratitude, I wrote a poem for him, which I shall share here: 

A birthday is a special day to celebrate, All the good and better things that life has bestowed on us. But it is made even more special, By stepping into a house made with a lot of hope and a little fuss.
I see you and your strength, And I know there is a tender man within. Somebody who had made me who I am, You have been a father and guide to me through …

Better Left Unsaid

Silence is golden, we’ve heard and read this since times immemorial.
And yet, I realize that not many of us practice this maxim. Not pointing you out alone, even I don’t occasionally. Oh the number of times I could have been a better and stronger individual had I kept my trap shut!
But speech is silver. So that’s good enough… Maybe… At least I am glad I am not as patient, tolerant and generous as my mom and some other folks – people tend to walk over them with total disregard for their sentiments and expectations. I am glad I am able to stuff some sense and teach politeness, humanity and etiquette to deserving (or undeserving) individuals.
The point being, a lot of people only love to yap and never shut up.
Especially when it comes to feedback; people want to give it but few would be willing to receive it in the right spirit. And that’s the most annoying bit.
Not once but twice in the past week, I have been exceptionally surprised and upset when people came to me with gyaan. I took it …

Sweet November

And we’re back!
Gosh, it’s been a while. One would almost presume that since the number of visitors and followers on my blog has increased, mere bhi bhaav baddh gaye (=I’ve turned pricey).
Let me assure you that it is no such thing. Abundant apologies to you, readers. And loads of belated Diwali cheer as well! Hope you had a blast eating and shopping and celebrating, without blasting noisy crackers. I did… rather had to… coz my husband and brothers-in-law forcefully had me setting off rockets (that landed in a neighbour’s house) and anaar’s. Crazy, ziddi boys!
I’ve been busy settling into my new job, there’s loads of things to learn and so many people to meet, weeks passed by in the blink of an eye. I’m one month old here already! Making heaps of mistakes and getting a little better every day. Now that’s what life is all about, right?! I’m having a gala time too with the Annual Day Celebrations in full swing here – our team stood first in Dumbcharades (I was one of the smart and talente…

Travel Time

The giant metallic bird takes off into the sky sealing our individual destinies together only for a couple of hours. We come together and become one, united in this journey - somebody's first and maybe someone's last. 

What's to come, who can say? All we can do is hope to be safe and secure. As safe as we were before  the trip, and as secure as we plan to be once we set foot on land again.

Oh Pune, you're so pretty from way up above. Way more than you actually are down below! My heart goes out to you, and you charm me all over again, my hatred for your traffic  and roads falling away into oblivion as the altitude rises. I've not even left you technically, still flying in your boundaries. And yet, I can't wait to be back, I miss you already...

Floating above a sea of clouds, not even the flap of wings to show flight and motion. Time passes and hundreds of miles fuse and disappear, taking us to destinations far and strange for work or leisure. A neighbour reads a bo…

Naya Job, Naya Phone... Super Baddhiya!!

Hi fellas,
Happy Dushera! May all evil in your life die and goodness and success persist :-) 
My life at work was nothing short of torture these last few months. While professional ups and downs are common in every working man/woman’s life, not many lows last as long as my last 1.5 years. All thanks to a horrible manager who I shall not name here, but let me assure you, no matter how bad yours is, mine was worse.  
Am I glad to say it’s over!
Despite my getting promoted to an Assistant Manager level, my work at IBM had become mundane and the policies and environment were no longer favorable for my career growth. I’d started off as a travel executive with Optimos and later became a part time language instructor at inlingua. Armed with a masters in Psychology, I knew training was my calling and I took up training and consultant positions at Alchemy and Yellowbox. A break in IBM was too good to be true and I accepted their offer as a Learning Facilitator primarily in the VnA and communicatio…

Faith and Fortune

Hello readers,

First of all, wish you a very very Happy Navratri! May the Goddess bless you and shower you with love, luck, laughter and success, satisfaction, strength.

A lot of you (112 followers now, and at least thrice more nameless ones that read in secret) have recently walked up to me or pinged me on various social networks saying that you read my blog. Thank you so much! I am glad you are able to relate to what I write and I love that you like what you read. Of course, I have some cartoons who have chosen the "Yawnnn" option multiple times on recent blog posts. It's so cute, I am not annoyed at all!! The fact that you keep coming back to click that zzz button itself shows you cant stay without a peek at my blog. No offence taken, you're cute! :-)

Life is so full of fun and fuller of troubles, right? Every day seems to bring new joys and the same old sorrows and disappointments. People hurt you, some make you jump with delight. Things work out, sometimes all your…

The Bullies and the Bullied

So you must have heard that the world is made up of two kinds of people - the have's and have-not's.

Well, let me enlighten you on another differentiating factor - These are the bullied and the bullies.

Etymologically,a bully is someone who hurts or frightens someone who is smaller or less powerful than them, often forcing them to do something they do not want to do (Cambridge online dictionary). While this definition seems more relevant to schools, it is not unusual in the corporate or domestic world.

The rule is simple - either bully someone or be bullied. That's how the world operates. There is no room for co-operation and negotiation. Those in power will command (the decent ones might ask 'favours'), and you cannot refuse or argue. You gotta do what you gotta do. Else you must put up with the consequences which could be corporal punishment or worse, mental and emotional torture. Either way you're helpless and most people bow down to the pressure. Get it over …

Filmi Reviews and News

Now the self-proclaimed movie critic that I am, I feel it my absolute responsibility to update you on the movies I have seen and my opinion about them.

(Tired of such posts. Guess what? Don't read. Scroll down or to the next page. Coz this is MY blog. Buhahahahaha!)

(Sorry, that's not nice of me. I know. Just find me a job that pays me to write reviews on tourist destinations, movies, restaurants and all things heavenly and nice, and I promise to stay off your back. Buhahahahaha again!)

So, the movies facing judgement today are: We're the Millers, Grown Ups 2, Phata Poster Nikla Hero (PPNH), Horror Story and regrettably, Grand Masti. You might recall that I'd named these very same titles in my previous post, and I fulfill all my movie vows with utmost sincerity and dedication.

My dad says that movie-makers spend umpteen crores to make films so it is our duty to shell out 100 bucks to watch their creations. Unfortunately, going to a cinema hall no longer is a luxury availa…

Dare... to Love

He adored her – her pretty smile, her jolly nature, her intelligent eyes and warm acknowledgement irrespective of what wit or stupidity he displayed when he opened his trap. And oh could he talk! He could keep going at it with zero response from the listener for hours. And she listened, and sometimes laughed. It sounded like shiny musical bells, the types that adorned glass windows at Christmas.

Yet, he had never been able to express his feelings for her.

He did not know if he really liked her in “that” way. He was not sure if he was brave enough to choose to be with her all his life.

After all, he sincerely believed that every person had a super power. And his was, to turn friends to acquaintances and acquaintances to strangers.

What if he lost her in a bid to get closer to her? That would break his heart. She was a very special friend, if nothing more, to him. He could not bear to be deserted by her.

And still, their meeting became infrequent. Days turned to months and then a year. The…

Any News = Dreadful News

So, Ganpati Bappa Morya, US Open was wow, Chennai Express rocked at the box office and made 200 crores and all that jazz. But let's accept that the world is fast approaching the uglier phases of Kalyug.

No news is good news, you say? Well, these days any news is mostly horrible news...

Turns out that a survey recently reported that one in four Asian men have raped a woman, either their domestic or sexual partners. While marital rape is not a crime in several countries including India, the act is just as heinous. What's wrong with seeking consent, menfolk? There are loads of women willing to go all the way for free and for a charge. Take your pick and do your deed. Why do you need to bully and force an individual scarring their self image and marring their reputation for life? Irrespective of whether you know or are related to the person, it's detestable. I completely support the hang-until-death sentence or even better, chop off their manhood and leave them to their fate.…

Yatra's Happy Travellers!!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ― Saint Augustine

I love traveling. Pondicherry, Ladakh, Munnar, Goa, Jabalpur, Konark, Sikkim, Mahabaleshwar, Kedarnath, Rajasthan - you name it and I've been there.

Heartfelt thanks to my parents for this proud achievement of mine. They took me to most places and allowed me on my own to the rest. My uncle and aunt have also been kind enough to take me to Kenya with them where I enjoyed many wildlife safaris. Takes sheer luck to be me!

No surprise then when I choose to take my family for a vacation to someplace exotic and beautiful. Lazy and adventurous, spendthrift and generous, religious and trendy - I have them all in my family, which ensures that I enjoy all possible experiences in a single journey.

Where would I like to go, I wonder.

My humble dream is to visit every destination in the world, big or small. Two names that cross my mind are New Zealand and Europe. Somehow, I have a soft corner for NZ. And since…

Godspeed Readers!


Been a while since I dropped a line.

My husband decided to go hit a truck bareheaded so I had to drop everything else and tend to him. With an arm in the plaster, and several stitches on the forehead and face, life’s not been pretty for him, poor guy. The bike's totally trashed. But he’s a good boy – been dealing well with the pain and trauma. And all those questions that are predictable and irritating after some time – “How did it happen? How are you feeling now? Let me know if there’s anything we can do….”

So well, a forced holiday ensued, which was as far from being a holiday as humanely possible. Running around in the hospital for insurance and then at home entertaining visitors, phew. Thank God I am not a housewife. Don’t think I’m capable of THAT much hard work and tolerance. Salute to the nation on Independence Day, and a triple salaami today and everyday to the housewives in the country and worldwide. Your work is as brave and important as that of the martyrs and jawaa…