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Job Jabbers : Part 1

Hey there!

As fond as I am of reading, the idea of e-books somehow never appealed to me.

Call me orthodox, but I am the sort of reader who believes in holding a good hardcover in hand, bookmark et al. Reading off the computer / laptop screen is not only tiring for the eyes and back, but also does not give the “feel” if you know what I mean…

However, I recently read an e-book titled Analyzing Character. It was in the Psychology section of and I hit download when I saw the summary talking about how to judge people and what to do about misfits at work, home and society.

(Interested? You can read more here)

Quick details: This book from the collections of Harvard University is authored by Katherine Blackford and Arthur Newcomb. While it delves into physical characteristics and gives several illustrations, what really caught my fancy were the causes of people becoming misfits and virtues to cultivate for becoming efficient. Interesting anecdotes, too. Below is some (edited) st…

Express Daily

"If nothing fascinates you, you're not living."

She used to say that to me all the time. And I used to wonder why it was necessary for me to be wild and excited about anything; everything was o dull and mundane. Stars in her eyes did not justify calling the world gorgeous, right?

A rainbow, a puppy cuddled in the centre of the street, a flowerbud - all these silly events had her ooh-ing and aah-ing no end.

Like the other day, she made me stop on the narrow bridge because she wanted to watch the sun setting on the horizon. I mean, a bridge, of all places? Couldn't her valuable viewing have permitted a few more seconds to ride a few more metres? We stood there like fools, she blissfully lost in the scenery, and me shamefully aware of all the hooting people and honking vehicles. When she finally allowed me to move over, I was literally in tears with anger, embarassment and irritation.

But I could not say a word to reprimand her.

A man without hope has little else, they say…

Hola 2013 !!

Hello Dear Readers,
Wish you a very happy new year (since I have not posted on the blog after Christmas Day). Hope 2013 has treated you well till date, and it only gets better hereon.
The world hasn't ended, and I don't know if it is a good thing or bad. The current state of affairs, hyped rapes and crimes - humanity has definitely ended, and maybe that is what the Mayans suggested in the first place...
Me? I have been up to loads of stuff this past fortnight. 
A marvelous new year eve with my better half Akhilesh Singh, my bro-in-law Aditya and best best buddy Rakshith Shetty, followed by some unbearable sh*t at work, and family get-togethers, and real estate dreams. Quite a bit of reading as well - Asura and Once Upon the tracks of Mumbai; plus exploring options for a more prosperous and peaceful life...
Watched the Bollywood movie Table No. 21 starring Rajeev Khandelwal and Paresh Rawal, and totally loved it. The turn of events was fairly predictable, but nevertheless, a movie w…