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Hello there!

How are all you lovely people doing? I hope you had a colourful Holi and a marvellous Easter :-)

They say what you deserve comes to you, even if it comes late. It is hard to believe this when you do all the good possible in the world and then you are rewarded with loss and frustration. I have been down in the dumps for as long as I can remember owing to certain complications at work and outside. But der aaye durust aaye. Things are looking up now. And as you are my trusted well-wishers, I do hope aap log nazar nahi lagayenge!!

My husband has been pampering me no end. But we've also had some horrid moments. Turns out life isnt all hunky dory if you marry a person of your choice... LOL. In the end, it all boils down to adjustment and tolerance. The fact that count is that we cannot live without each other. And equally true is that we make life horrible and beautiful for each other. Part of the deal...

Appreciation has been flowing in at work. Better late than never. It'…

No Alvida's

He got into the lift just as she was about to close the door.

She had thought about this moment several times in the past month, but fortunately or unfortunately, it had never occurred before today.

She had moved into the massive corporate complex at HWG Corp and she knew that sooner or later they would bump into each other. Her ex had been with the same company for the last 7 years and she knew he worked at the same site as the one she had been posted to.

They looked at each other for a brief second and then looked away. Neither knew what to say or think. Having dated for 5 years, they definitely had "something" between them and ignoring was way too rude. Yet, now that they were both married, too much conversation was inappropriate. Civil was the way to go.

"Hi", he said shyly, before she could say anything. She recalled that he had always been shy and polite. Even when he was wooing her, she had not figured it out until well over 5 months later.

"Hey, how are…