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I - IBMer

Hey there!!

Must tell you this before anything else.... I and hubby dearest were just getting ready to sleep (which indicates that we were in bed but I would not finally stop talking for the next half hour or two, with him listening patiently, praying in his heart that I would just doze off mid-sentence).

So, the mad woman that I am, I started singing aloud(not very melodiously) - "Kaan khujaanaa, Kaan khujaanaaaaaaaaaa...."

My adorable husband, always ready to lend me a hand, immediately (and if I may add a little mystified), started scratching my ear, as I continued humming - "Ungliiii ghusodddd ke... Khooooooooooon choos le tu mera khoooooooon choos le, bloody khooni Monday tu mera khoooooooon choos le."

Hubby looks at me non-plussed. A stupid line from a song in Goa Goa Gone was not something he was expecting at Monday midnight.

Never mind...

So, I have completed 3 years at IBM - let me take a bow! The longest tenure yet in my career that started with Optimos (1.5 …

Reviews and Gyaan

Hello there!

Watched Go Goa Gone? It's as cool as Delhi Belly, both in terms of language as well as the story. I loved Kunal Khemu's acting though Saif was annoying - to the eyes as well as ears. The movie is funny, and a nice 2 hour pastime. The songs are smartly cut short to suit the fast pace of the plot. Yet I am crazy about Khoon Choos Le and Slowly has nice beats. Go watch GGG if you haven't already. It's an A rated film that I am going to rate 4.5 on 5. Might even watch it again!

I've heard Shootout at Wadala is a fine film as well, but they're all the same to me - Shootout at Lokhandwala, Wadala, Chakala and Khandala... A few item songs with scantily clad girls doing raunchy moves and more than essential violence and dirt. Naah. I'd much rather watch Chhota Bheem and the Throne of Bali or Gippi. Kiddie movies suit me just fine, exactly like my Cotton Candy favorite at Baskin Robbins.

I've turned the last page of Oath of Vayuputras and the book had …

And we meet again...

And here I am... exactly a month after my last post - a million apologies, peeps. Been unbelievably, ridiculously busy. And if you know me well, you must know that this is not a word I use frivolously like most others. I manage to find time no matter how preoccupied I am. So, if I have genuinely not been able to drop a line, pardon me. But tell me you understand... and that it's all right :-)

Its no surpise that life after marriage gets busier. Now as I complete one year of blessed matrimony, I realise a hundred times over how true that is! A full time job and full time housework afford me absolutely no time to do all the lafantargiri and awaragardi that I used to endlessly engage in earlier. Wake up early in the morning (afternoon, for us MNC night owls), start cooking for the hubby even before you sip a glass of water, have a rushed milk shake for breakfast and then hurriedly pop some bites in your mouth as the awaiting cab threatens to leave without you... Whatta life! But then,…