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Why Be a Pain...?

Why would you hurt someone else? Doesn’t it sting you when somebody gives you grief? Don’t you curse that person and your fate for bringing you misfortune and sorrow?

If someone is not as gifted or lucky as you, why would you make life difficult for him or her? Do you not realize that that person needs a little more sympathy, a tad more support?

When someone loves you and wants more of you in terms of time or affection, why would you make them feel bad about it? You might make them beg you now, but in the long run you will be the one that misses them when they’re gone.

You with your fancy clothes and chic possessions, you with your pretty face and social circle, what use is all this when you have an ugly heart? A heart that has no respect or empathy for the not so pretty and not so popular ones?

It’s ridiculous that you would only look at things from your own perspective.

It is nothing but selfish self-centredness that you can only feel your own pain and not the sufferings of others.

You …

Hola there :)

Hey fellas!
First of all, let me apologize (yet again) for not being an active blogger. It’s been a crazy time at work, and I have no clue where time vanishes at home. I seem to be busy doing nothing when I am in my cozy nest, and I don’t even seem to be reading or sleeping too much. I see you guys visiting my blog and posting comments. Believe me you, I wish to drop a line, but there's so much to say and hardly any time...
But yeah, I have been watching quite a bit of TV and movies lately. I religiously followed Masterchef though I did not think Christine deserved to win. My vote was with Frank all the way. Not avidly watching the Professionals however. Dharma and Greg, Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men are good enough for me for now…
And movies! Since hubby dearest managed to get an unlimited Reliance superfast connection, we’ve downloaded more than a few good and dud films from kickass torrent. Recently checked out Being John Malkovich. A very different movie from what we reg…