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Author Update!

Hello Dear Friends,
Trust you are doing well. 
For all of you who voted for me and helped me reach the magic number of 100 likes, a BIG THANK YOU and Muuuaaaaahhh!! Let’s see who wins this blogging contest. The Blogadda event is happening on Feb 9 in Courtyard Marriott Mumbai. May or may not go, but surely hope to be called out… Fingers crossed!! (
Things are in full swing at work and home. I am a woman at peace. There are regular visits to the parents and in-laws, and the social circle is also well connected. Having completed over 3 months at Hitachi, I have built a strong network and fan following :-) All in all, life’s good. Our new home is shaping up brilliantly, will share pictures soon!! Can't wait to move in, but doesn't seem to be any sooner than March, even April...
MTV Roadies is on, thank goodness. My evening life was pretty dull give that both Masterchef Australia and Bigg Boss ended, leaving the 9 pm TV slot l…

Signal for Thought

She ground her leg into the gravel and waited patiently for the signal to turn green. This was going to cost her 2 minutes, but she did not mind. She would be well in time for work anyway.
The sunshine kissed her toes and she mentally saluted the Sun. The mighty God received as many complaints as compliments, depending on how the rest of the weather shaped up. On a wintry day, sunrays are greeted with joy but by noon, people are cursing the sweltering heat. Talk about unpredictability! Clouds are as unreliable as people, and the sun gets blamed for it.
She was rebel with an imagination. Her world was black and white. She found it beneath her to bow down in front of injustice and arrogance. Ever ready to fight for her rights as well as those of others, she often emerged the hero in a situation, but more often the villain.
Sometimes she wondered why people were so mean to her. She considered herself one of the nicer (if not the nicest) people around, and yet, she observed that she was tr…

Vote Now, My Lovelies !!!

Hiya lovely people,

Just a quick note today, and a highly important one at that. Please please please take the time to read this!

Thanks to your love and support, BlogAdda has chosen my blog 'Life..." as one of the top blogs in India. No kidding!! 

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What happens next? 'Life...' (with all your votes) becomes (one of) the top blogs of India!! And you make Princess a very happy woman indeed!! Helps with my dream of becoming a famous writer with an actual future in the writing industry :-)

Please pretty please! Won't take you more than a minute. 

Owe you one if this gets us to the other side, I promise!

Need all your support, fellas! Let's do this.

Thanks a ton as always

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Woman vs Woman

Hello dear readers,

Wish you a delightful new year 2014 !!!

Here are some resolutions worth having....

My first post this year is going to be about women... Glorious unpredictable women!

So much has been said and repeated about women, their eccentricities, their strength, their good and evil ways.
Some of it true, most of it accurate. And yet we won’t accept. Or we just might. Depending on what the context is and how it impacts us. (Hehe!)
Fancy some more quotes on females? Here you go…
A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea - Honore de Balzac
If women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other – Unknown
A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water - Eleanor Roosevelt
Women are certainly strong creatures. Exactly the way Abhishek Bachchan said in Hum Tum – that men could have bigger muscles, but emotionally we are way superior. And that is probably wh…