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Delightful Da(y)ze!

Hear baby crying.

Pat him so that he goes back to sleep.

Baby won't sleep.

Check the time. Two hours since his last feed.

Get up groggily. Feed him.

Get him to burp.

Settle him back in his cozy blanket.

Lie down and snooze.

Baby whimpers. Cuddle him.

Check if he's warm enough.

Put another sheet over him.

Baby keeps waving his legs and arms.

Check if he's cold. Remove the sheet. It's quite warm today.

Whisper softly in his ears so that he calms down and sleeps.

Go back to sleep myself.

Hear baby crying. Check the time. Feed him.

Burp him.

Realise it is time to change his diaper.

Scramble to the cupboard. Trip over slipper. Mutter an obscenity. Get a diaper and change him.

Crawl back into the blanket and pray for uninterrupted sleep.

Wide awake now.

Stare at ceiling.

Check cell phone for Whatsapp messages.

No messages.

Check Whatsapp status and profile pictures of contacts.

Wonder if baby needs to feed.

Keep phone away and try to sleep.

Blanket too heavy. Push foot out for some air. Too cold, pull…

The First Few

Happy New Year 2015 amigos!!

Writing the date for the initial couple of times will be a task as our mind keeps recalling the year as 2014. However, that shall soon come to pass. Exactly like how a few other things get easier with time and practice.

I've gained enormously due to my pregnancy and the weight remains worrisome post delivery. At least I and my doctors think so; the ladies in the family aren't done stuffing me with fattening foodstuffs that will "miraculously cure my aches and benefit me in the long run". Not only that, they are strictly against my resuming any sort of exercise for the coming months. Thank God I ain't the obedient and superstitious types.

In reality, I need to go for long runs and get back in shape. Round isn't the preferred shape for me. Yet.

As I was dressing up all geared up for my walk, scarcely did I realise how tough it would be starting an exercise regimen. We get used to the easy life surprisingly fast, as I was discussing with…