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Live it Up, You!

Wow! This new year really seems to be boding well for my blog... or rather YOUR blog where I write :-) 

There are multiple posts in the last 2 weeks, and that's quite a favorable change from my regular disappearing act. Let's hope the trend continues... Just like throughout the year Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, and Firstcry online sales.

(No, that's not a resolution. Resolutions are made to be broken. No point keeping one.) 

Umbilical cord guilt.

That's a term I picked up at a session that my company had arranged for women employees. 

While the trainer far from impressed me (professional hazards of being a trainer and self-proclaimed evaluator/critic), I did find myself agreeing with this concept. 

Simply put, it is the state of wanting to do everything, doing most of it, and yet feeling inadequate and miserable because you do not think you are doing satisfactorily for your progeny, and blaming yourself silly for one simple thing that you missed or did slightly below excellent.…

Customer Service: A Myth

Happy New Year!

A myth, by definition is: an idea or story believed by many people but is not true. 

Simply put, a myth is a fictitious or imaginary thing. 

While I am a connoisseur of mythology (all those interesting bunch of Greek/Indian/etc traditional and fantastic stories), the lack of customer service is a glaring reality that does not amuse me at all. 

While I've raved sufficiently about this topic in a myriad of blog posts, my chagrin is far from over. This time around, a fresh set of stale experiences that left me fuming, and frustrated. 

Read on...

Story 1: 
Claypot restaurant in Kharadi does not need customers. No, I'm not saying this. The owner did. He categorically told my husband that Claypot does not need patrons and they have enough. 

When we moved to our new Kharadi abode over a year ago, we frequented the very same eatery for its tasty parathas and great service. 12 months later, the state of affairs is sorry to say the least. The food is far from delicious (and dist…