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9 years and 9 months old, phew. Been here almost a decade. Thanks for allowing me to thrive and survive, bask in your love and appreciation, dear readers! Love you all. 

I've been reading and I've been out hanging about. So this post brings you some reviews from my latest experiences.

But before that, let me tell you, I watched Logan and absolutely loved it. Brilliant movie, though I'm not an X Men fan, and I'm the types that sleeps through Martian and Expendable like films. While some folks were sniggering about it being a copy of Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I totally adored the father-daughter chemistry. To confess, I actually identified with Laura, what with her quick temper and ability to scar and scratch! I'm a difficult person to be around, and then probably yak the way she does later in the movie. Ha ha. Worth a watch, ya'all.

I've halfway through the third book in the Divergent series. Veronica Roth has kept me glued through Divergent, Insurgent and now Al…

Generational Gap

So Simon Sinek has spoken about millenials and that's got me thinking. 
(Watch video here: 

Since I'm born in the mid-1980s, I am a millenial by definition and I do find myself identifying with some (not all) of the things mentioned in the video. I do, however, see how it applies to folks (kids!) born in the 1990s and later. For example, instant gratification, which is truly evidenced by the presence of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder. Millenials do not want to cultivate lasting, trustworthy relationships. Instead, what gets them excited and motivated is the prospect of likes and speed dates. How well you can sell yourselves to strangers and almost-strangers is more critical than having that one friend for life, that you can turn to come rain or storm. No wonder then, that they feel lonely and burned out, depressed and stressed more and sooner than folks from the previous generations. 

My parents are B…

Just Another Women's Day

Women’s Day they cheer, Fortune favors the brave; And yet this “kick-ass” woman, Cannot her sanity save. I marvel at the ladies That saunter tough with grace, I fail at half they do And scamper to save face.     Fear and anxiety Are my eternal mates, I can’t help but wonder, At folks who accept their fates. I am my self’s enemy, I am my own friend, Everything starts with me, And I beget my own end. I’m tired of fighting my soul, A creature so wild and free; Taming it takes up all I got, And leaves not an ounce of peace wee. Torn between good and immoral, I toil and douse the fire in my heart; Doing what the world deems right, Yet feel so empty in every part. My soul claims each breath, Every step I take is mine, And still at the close of it all, Nothing seems fine. Coz some like me who appear, To have it all together; Are the weakest when dawn breaks, As we assemble in our cap each feather.   When the sun comes up, We rise with determination new, Wish all the good we do unto you, Would come back to us someday, too. F…